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What is Group Discussion?

Hope you are now familiar with the what is Campus Placement and what are Campus Placement rounds. If not go check my previous blog about it by clicking above links.

In this blog post I let you know about the Group Discussion of Campus Placement roundGroup Discussion is generally the Second round (or may be first in very rare cases) in Campus Placement process and yes it is the elimination round. It is very simple to understand what actually Group Discussion is.

Group Discussion is all about public speaking, The way you speak in front of people and the way you manage yourself in front of all.



What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is a public speaking session in which all the participated peoples have to show case their public speaking and leadership skills as well as team player skills, How can you present yourself in front of people, the art of show casing of your knowledge and the presentation way of doing so is judged by HRs.


How Group Discussion are conducted?

They are generally conducted in a group of 10 to 15 peoples, All are given a topic (or in some cases you are allowed to discussed for the topic you want after all members of your group agreed), after the allotment of topic your are given 30 seconds or so to think about the topic and then the discussion starts after 10 or 15 minutes results are declared those how clear go for next rounds those who are not are eliminated .


How one should be in a Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is a public speaking session so you have to speak your words out but how? The big question is How one should be in a Group Discussion? 

In this post I’ll let you know how to speak in a Group Discussion but first thing to always remember is “Anyone can show his/her thoughts if he/she has some prior knowledge about it“, and yes this is main concept if you have some content to present you can speak and if you are not speaking in a GD you are simply eliminated, now there are certain preferable ways one should follow in Group Discussion

What are they let’s discuss-

  • Think before you speak make a script in your mind of what you are going to say, the preparation time (30 seconds) is quite enough to make a script.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak up – always remember that if you hesitate and do not speak anything it simply shows that you are not good at public speaking and not only this it also reflects many things simultaneously which HRcan easily figure them out.
  • Speak clearly and confidently – always speak out clearly so that everyone can easily listen you and always speak confidently the HRpresent there is always judging you on how you speaks so be confident.
  • Make eye contact – while speaking do remember to maintain the eye contact to all the group member as well as HR,it is a good practice while speaking maintain the eye contact as in real life too.
  • Take a break if you spoke for a while – do not speak continuously for so long as it will show that only you want to speak and don’t want any other to speak, It can degrade your plus points.
  • Let other people speaks – once you speak for a while let others speak and tell “this was my view now let others speak” this will gives a plus point as it shows you have leadership as well as you are also a good team player and listen to other views too.
  • Try to speak again at right time – there is not a format that how many times you have to speak, just speak for a while take a pause think for next think to speak and than at right time give your thought words
  • Always say something meaning full –always try to speak only meaning full things, only that points that put some weight-age to your side.
  • don’t use offensive words – keep your words clean and in a respectful manner, it is a good practice for communicating in corporate world.
  • Don’t become too aggressive –it is good to express your feelings but to control them at right time is more important, express your thoughts but in a simple and sweet way.


I hope at this point after reading the post you know how to be in a GD and perform well, I will post some more tips and tricks about GD in future post.

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In my next blog I will let you know about Technical face to face interview.

till then

Cheers and enjoy.

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