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What is HR face to face interview? How to be in it?

Hope you are now familiar with the what is Campus Placement and what are Campus Placement rounds. If not go check my previous blog about it by clicking above links.

In this blog post I let you guys know about the HR face to face interview of Campus Placement roundHR face to face interview is generally the Last round in Campus Placement process and yes it is the elimination round. It is very simple to understand what actually a HR face to face interview is.



What is HR face to face interview?

HR face to face interview is the final round in whole Campus Placement process and many times it is just a formality round, it is a round where the company person will judge you on your soft skills , communication skills, personality or some time your situation handling techniques. Although it is always said as a formality round but it’s also true that it is an elimination round so you have to perform well in this round too.


How HR face to face interview are conducted?

Those students which are qualified so far are allowed to appear in HR face to face interview, there may be one interview or may be more than one interviewer were there(generally known as MR round), the selected students are said to wait for their chance once your chance has come you are supposed to go the directed panel for the HR face to face interview, after your interview done the results will tell you that you proceed or eliminated.


How to be in HR face to face interview?

Before knowing how to be in HR face to face interview? You must know what interviewer wants from you? If you know a little bit about the requirements of interviewer from you. You can map the interview accordingly. HR interviews are generally seems easy but really they are not very easy as students also get eliminated in this round, if you know what to answer and how to answer you can easily crack it. It is truly said that you should properly do research and home work before going for interview because if you know what questions can be asked it is easier for you to answer and get selected.

Here are some points should be follow during interview-

  • Always put a smile – feel the happiness be happy from inside feel good you are here only because you had cleared the previous rounds.
  • Always be confident – if you are nervous, try to overcome the feeling and be confident as your performance will be affected by your feelings.
  • Speak clearly and meaningful – always speak clearly as it is a good practice to speak clearly what ever you speak and always put your points meaningful don’t speak irrelevant things as HR is spending time on you value his/her time and your too.
  • Be original – try not be fake in front of HR, they are professionals they will figure you out very easily and it can decrease your overall points.
  • Try to be professional – as you are entering the world of corporate, it is a good practice to be professional right over from now.
  • Maintain proper eye contact – while talking to the HR make a good eye contact with him/her, don’t stair but maintaining a proper eye contact shows that you are showing interest in the conversation.
  • Use gestures – always use your hands, shoulders and head in between you are speaking, it is a good practice as it shows that you are taking interest in expressing the things.
  • Always go with your pen – it may possible that you never need to use your pen but always carry your pen (good standard pen) as not having pen at that situation makes bad impression.
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I hope at this point after reading the post you will come to know What HR face to face interview is and How to be in HR face to face interview?

Cheers and enjoy.

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