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What is Technical section of written round?

Hope you are now familiar with the what is Campus Placement and what are Campus Placement rounds. If not go check my previous blog about it by clicking above links.

In this blog post I let you guys know about the Technical section of written round, what Logical section is? how to prepare for it? what are the type of problems?

So let’s get started…



What is Technical section of Written round?

Technical section is all about the Technical knowledge and programming skills for Computer Science and Information and Technology branch students, yes guys those who don’t like technical subjects and programming languages, start improving it. In Technical section there will be problems related to programming languages like finding programming errors, complete the code, There are multiple choice questions and writing and compiling code questions, Time limit may vary differently company to company. Writing code problems time limit are like 1 problem have to solved in 30 min or so. This section is little bit tough, you have to be good in technical knowledge and have to be familiar with programming.

And for other branches prefer your core technical subjects.


How to prepare them well?

It is a bit difficult, prepare well and you can solve within time period.

Note : You must be very clear with the concept, first and most important thing- clear concepts,  practice more and more and try to catch clearly what problem’s solution wants.


What kind of questions are asked in Technical section?

They are some popular topics-

Computer Science & Engineering and Information and Technology

  • C Programming Questions and Answers
  • C++ Programming Questions and Answers
  • C# Programming Questions and Answers (rarely asked)
  • Java Programming Questions and Answers
  • Database Management Systems Questions and Answers
  • Data Structure Questions and Answers
  • Networking Questions and Answers (rarely asked)
  • Operating Questions and Answers
  • Software Engineering and Project Management Questions and Answers
  • and more…

These are some common topics from where mostly questions asked, prepare them well search online regarding these topics and practice them as much as you can if you or your friends are going to some coaching classes go through their notes. Practice practice and practice, more you practice easier it will to solve.


Conclusion –

let me quickly summarize this-

  • Technical questions are tough, this section is bit tough compared to other.
  • If you are technically strong this section will become your favorite.
  • Most important thing first clear all the concepts of technical core subjects.
  • try to code some programs from easy to higher level
  • practice practice and practice


In my next blog I will let you know details about Group Discussions.

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This was a just a basic introduction about the Technical section of written round of Campus Placement process, in my upcoming posts I will post a more detailed blog about other sections.

Till then,

Cheers and enjoy.

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