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What is written round in campus placement process?

Hope you are now familiar with the what is Campus Placement and what are Campus Placement rounds. If not go check my previous blog about it by clicking above links.

In this blog post I let you guys know about the written round of Campus Placement processWritten round is generally the first round and yes it is the elimination round. It is very simple to understand what actually written round is.



What is Written round in Campus Placement Process?

In Written round there will be problems and you have to find out their solution, there are given 4 choices out of which one is correct and you just have to find it out and submit it, there will be a time limit of Written round, students are supposed to complete the whole round before the time ends. The time limit again vary from company to company.

Written round is a combination of some sections and having a cutoff of minimum marks that is required marks to clear the round. In combination, it means

or very rarely

  • A General knowledge section
  • An Essay writing section


How to deal with cutoff?

Cutoff is generally not disclosed to students and vary from company to company, all the students score higher marks than cutoff are simply qualified for the next round and those who didn’t are eliminated. Also the cutoff  marking criteria may vary from company to company they may have an overall marks cutoff  or they may have individual cutoff  for different sections.

Generally companies didn’t disclosed the cutoff, very rear may do, all students need to do is to try to score as maximum marks as he/she can simply to not get eliminated from campus placement process.

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This was a just a basic introduction about the written round of Campus Placement process, in my upcoming posts I will post a more detailed blog about each section.

Till then

Cheers and enjoy.


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